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To make delayed/planned sending of emails possible

Strollin' around

I know that it's difficult to implement true send later functionality without dedicated servers, but I would love it if the next time I am online and during work hours, thunderbird automatically sends my outbox emails. I think this should be easier to implement since thunderbird has similar functionality already for going online.

Another alternative would be to allow users to send all emails in outbox using cli commands. This would enable users to create a simple cron job to automate sending emails during specific hours.

Making moves

Scheduled sending is an essential capability, especially when working across large timezone differences.

the Save as Draft, is one option, but then one needs reminders.

WRT security, the total number of extentions (attack surfaces), and the trust testing/maint of same, suggest that incorporating the 'essential' cababilities, of Similar 'competative' tools, should place a high value on implementation.

One could always use  other online services, if the system to system protocal had meta-data to invoke such sending.. Not ideal, but works.  The alternative is getting intimate with the BaseOS, but that is not, in general, a good idea, with too many dependencies.

A simple REMINDER List functionality, could possibly work if one had a consistent schedule, and only allow sending within those constraints.  The online email services, shine when specific times are REQUIRED..  but even they do not, in general allow specifying the time wrt source or destination time zone!