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Status: New idea

add an option to choose whether to ask primary password one time per session or everytime password is needed

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Hello everyone,

we share our laptop with our children. We store some users/passwords in FF - they are protected with primary/master password but IMHO it is not secure as once you provide the primary/master password FF never asks for it again.

I'd like FF to ask for the primary/master password every time it gets to a web page which use/password is stored in the FF. Let's say I go to Amazon and _then_ Gmail (and we have our user/pass for both stored in FF). At the moment if I wanted to login there FF will ask me for the primary/master password when accessing Amazon but will _not_ ask for it when accessing Gmail. I wanted FF to ask me for the primary/master password also when going to Gmail.

Is it possible ?
Making moves

The essence of these posts -Tomato's and P5555's- is the same: give users the choice. Prompt for the primary password repeatedly, which some want and others find very annoying, or prompt once and then stop. Give users the choice. Simple programing. Do it.

And yes, as said in another post, I understand the PP is also used for your sync sustem (for people who choose to sync). Fine. Doesn't change a thing. We still want the option to suspend its use. No different, User choice.

Making moves

Yes, I read Firefox’s post saying that to stop repeated prompts for the primary password (PP), you must go to settings, totally stop using a PP, then restart Firefox -- then later, you could go to settings and start using one again. That’s cumbersome, unnecessary, sloppy programming. For example, I may choose not to enter the PP if I want to safely leave my computer for awhile without having to restart Firefox, since once I enter the PP, someone has access to all my sites. Or if I’m not alone and prefer not to type the password. But the prompt -master password "required"- comes back again and again. It can be ignored (>cancel), and I can log in to any site (it's not really "required"), but the prompt repeats

You've received several complaints about this. Please, do the simple programing task of an option the user can select, saying "don't ask again (until you restart Firefox)." Or, put the prompt in an unobtrusive place, where users can ignore it, or appreciate it – make it a simple, convenient, user’s choice.

Making moves

I second that. I'm on a workplace pc. I do want to store passwords on firefox, because I'm using certain services often, but I also want to be sure that no one else can login to those services if, by mistake, they get to use my computer while it's unlocked. It would be very helpful to have the option to get firefox to ask PP every time it needs to autocomplete some stored login info. Please implement!

Strollin' around

Yeah. That I don't want to memorize which password was for a given website doesn't mean I don't want to be still asked something to verify it is me on the keyboard and not somebody at work while I'm on the bathroom.

New member

I support this idea.

Currently, if I try to login to website A, Firefox will ask me for my master password.

After that, if I try to login to website B, it wont ask for the password again, because it was already taken when I used it for website A.

I would like it to ask me for the primary password every time I need the passwords.