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Making moves
Status: New idea

I often find myself needing to reposition my Thunderbird window so I can read it and another window at the same time. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be an obvious place on the titlebar that's safe to click and drag. Instead I have to carefully hover my mouse around in the titlebar trying to find a spot that's not a button/action. The existing alternative is to disable the "Hide system window titlebar" in the Language and appearance settings, but that results is a fair amount of wasted screen space.

So, my suggestion is to add some kind of obvious non-active object to the title bar that can be used as a move handle. This seems like it should be easy to implement. The bigger 'design' issue would be what image or text to use. 'ThunderBird', or its icon would be the obvious choices.

Note: I see two other similar existing 'ideas' that relate to moving the window, but both seem to suggest using the 'View' tab as the handle. Unfortunately, I don't see a 'View' tab in my version of thunderbird (Windows/Supernova - 115.1.1) or I'd have just voted for one of these.

Status changed to: New idea
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This is really annoying with 115.3.1 I wasn't able to move the window until I realized I could drag it using free space in the menu bar.

Microsoft added a similar thing to their office products some time ago (search bar in title). Their solution was to simply enable the drag operation on any control in the window title bar. I don't know of any drag operation happening there so the same solution may be applied here.

Yet I agree there should be an easy to identify option for the users to start the drag operation.

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The only space to grab Thunderbird to reposition the window was just to the left of Get Message or Just to the right of the search box.  I was going to ask for extra spaces, but discovered (from this conversation) that you could grab anywhere on the top several rows to move it.