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Making moves
Status: New idea

When I resize the main window horizontally, it is usually because I need to see more of the message. The list in the center of the screen is at the size I have determined to be adequate. It does NOT need to be widened unless I choose to do so.

Therefore making the main window wider should only resize the message pane. It should leave the width of the tree and list panes untouched.

As it it is, it is very inefficient and annoying because I am always forced to to a second resize operation to correct the width of the list.

The current behavior is annoying, counter-productive and counter-intuitive.

Thank you

Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

New member

I was just about to request the same change.  I agree!

Typically I use Thunderbird maximized on one monitor and evenly divide the Message List width and the Message Pane width across the window.  If I reduce the window size of Thunderbird from Max this causes the Message Pane to stay roughly the same size, but squish the Message List to a very small size.  This reduces the amount of preview text available.

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100% agree, resizing the window should adjust the width of the message pane, not the message list pane.

New member

I hope we are talking about same problem, just to be sure I will add more detailed description from my point of view.

Based on terminology in this topic:

In Vertical view, resizing main Thunderbird window keeps message pane same size and it resizes message list pane. This is totally useless and makes no sence. I have to change Message List : Message view ratio every time I move Thunderbird from one screen to another (multiple screens, different resolutions). Correct behavior is to keep message list same size (same as folder pane) and resize only message view pane.

Current state:Current.png

Correct behavior:


I hope it is fixed soon. I like to use Firefox and Thunderbird as my main browser and mail app, but this behavior is very anoying.


Making moves

This should have been obvious.  Who ever thought the current behaior is helpful probably doesn't use email that much or is totally insensitive to waste of time it causex

New member

Very very annoying - I have a 1440p monitor and a 1080p monitor and I move Thunderbird between monitors depending on the work I'm doing. On my 1080p monitor it looks fine. If I move it to the 1440p monitor, does the message window increase? No! I get a TON of blank space to the right of the mail list in the centre. If I remove the blank space by widening the message window and then drag it back to my 1080p screen, my mail list gets squished because it keeps the message window width!

Whoever thought this was a good idea should revise their decision because it's just BAD plain & simple.