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I have a major feature suggestion for Thunderbird, specifically related to cutting/copying and pasting events on the Calendar view. This suggestion is a hotkey behavior feature that is designed to make moving events to a specific time easier.

I could like it if Ctrl + V would paste the current event on the clipboard at the cursor location.
This feature would be really useful for moving tasks between weeks without swapping to month or multiweek view from week view.

It should take the onscreen cursor position and find the nearest time and date slot. You should be able to put your cursor at Thursday 12pm on Week view and the event(s) you have on your clipboard should be put at Thursday 12pm. Cursor decides date and time.

It also provides a better way of moving multiple events at once using multiselect. (Ctrl + Click, Ctrl + X)
For multiselect, it will always put the most recent event in the selection at the cursor, and then every other event relative to that, similar to how it currently works when Cut-and-Pasting between days.

This new Paste at Cursor feature will be bound to Ctrl + V, with Ctrl + Shift + V being the old behavior. You could implement it the other way around, or just add an option in options to ask the user what they want.

Please consider this for the next major release of Thunderbird.


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