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Status: New idea


Thank you from providing the ability to submit ideas. I'd like the see the ability to remove the Spaces menu icon from the tab bar by using the "Customize feature. I never use the Spaces feature and I'd like to remove the icon.

I understand this likely to be a low priority, but thank you for reading.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Familiar face

While I agree with you,  I think the next version of Thunderbird might so radically change the menu and toolbars that we are essentially forced to use the spaces bar.


There are design mockups here

There is also a discussion here


New member

I hope this does not mean that all the non-mailreader stuff will be forced upon users even more. TB is a fine mailreader. All the other stuff is plenty available in other apps and/or not needed at all for most users.

Mail is what I am working with all day. Please allow us to use TB as a mailreader only app!

New member

update today has spaces icon and the hamburger menu just chilling on their own row taking up space, why aren't they removable? I do not and will not use spaces and the hamburger menu i only use when something gets changed by updates and i try to dig through menus to undo it, otherwise i have the normal menu bar.