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Mozilla isn’t really profitable atm so that’s probably why they’re expanding to the vpn business and so on but i think they’re missing a huge opportunity. They have one of the most popular email clients so why not also host peoples email maybe provide a competitive price to protonmail and tutanota. That’s basically the only private email competition out there. Protonmail is too expensive at 4 bucks per user while tutanota is really cheap but doesn’t offer a way to connect to a third party email client. So mozilla could combine their amazing thunderbird client with the redesign that’s coming soon and sell encrypted email hosting maybe utilize something like protons bridge to connect it to third party email clients instead of imap to keep it encrypted. They could make a lot of money just because of the trust people have in mozilla’s privacy practices. I know the thunderbird team is small and a web and mobile interface is missing but expanding the team and making this happen will probably be really profitable and get free marketing from the privacy/linux content creators.

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Making moves

This is a great idea.  I wish they already had this.

It would also be a good idea for the email hosting to include calendar hosting (with caldav) and also an online address book with cardDAV or something.  Another thing would also be to add their own Filelink service, for sending larger attachments.