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I'm trying to send you an email using Thunderbird but can't find a way to do it from a draft.  You need to hire someone smart for a change.  Like needing to know the current password to RESET MASTER PASSWORD!!!  Who's designing your stuff?  Even when I'm not using the Thunderbird program it prompts me for my Thunderbird Master Password.   WTH?

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Hey there,

1. The desktop version (mine at least) shows a send button when you re-open a draft. You can, however, right click on the toolbar and customise the icons. Maybe someone deleted it from there?

2. Thunderbird may be running minimised (or even hidden in the tray), but is still trying to sync your emails. If you've set a master password, you'll neet to put that in once you run TB;
if you don't, it will still try to sync every now and then, and it will ask again, because it cannot sync unless you provide your master pw.

3. As for a password reset: of course(!) you need the current (master) password to do that. Otherwise anybody who walks up to your device could just reset your (master) password and get access to all your email. (Or worse, just read the saved passwords for your email accounts!)

Hope that helps!