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Status: New idea

Good times!

I suggest improving anti-spam methods by involving the entire Thunderbird mail client community. This requires a single database of senders and headers of emails that are marked as spam by users.

Scenario of use: As a user of the mail client I select in the settings of the mail client "hardness of the collective spam filter", i.e. I select the number of people who mark a given mail as spam. Suppose this value is 10. This means that I will not receive emails that have already been marked as spam by 10 people or more (or such emails will be automatically deleted by my email client).

It is also possible to set a reasonable number of Thunderbird users' ticks at which the sender's mail server will be automatically marked as a spam server and the mail client will automatically delete mails sent from that domain. It is possible to make this parameter available for user configuration as well.

As a result, marking the mail will be useful for the whole community and will make such marking much more useful for any Thunderbird user.

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