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Good day Developers,

The subject of this suggestion is the Calendar (Lightening) user interface.

When Calendar is opened to enter/edit an event, we have a bottom edit space to include event details.  This is very good because we can enter specific information about the event that may come in useful while attending the event.  The font size for text is large enough to allow vehicle drivers to read the instructions from a distance, which is good.


There are two suggestions covered in this message, and they are directly related.

  1. In the New/Edit Event window on the toolbar, just after the “Delete” tool, add a “Print” button.
  2. Either add a button to change the background theme to “Paper White” or, as part of the Print Button command, automatically print the entire edit screen with a Paper White background.

Many of us schedule events days, weeks, and months before an event.  In the interim, additional details may arrive in our e-mail, phone, or in-person contacts that need to be added to more information about an event.  Then, on the event’s day, we can print the Event Screen to reference the event.  For those who have selected a Thunderbird Theme other than paper white printing, the Event Screen consumes a lot of printer ink just printing the background.

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