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Status: New idea

With the proliferation of gray text on white background, which is more for older people or others with even slight visual impairments to read, it would be good to have the ability to apply black text on white background (e.g. high contrast) while reading a specific email from the right click menu.  Although you can force black on white for all emails under Tools>Settings>Language and Appearance>Colors>Override the settings speficied by the content>Always,  those settings look worse on some HTML emails.  It would be better to have a general setting to use the content specified colors, with a right click to change to a user defined color scheme (or high contrast) for an individual email. 

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Making moves

There is a general proliferation of grey text on a "light grey / white" throughout Thunderbird.  Text should first be easy to read and pretty second (or third). This trend is more than annoying.  Especially so, when there is no way to change it.  Simple black text with nice kerning is usually all that's required.  Not garish "high contrast" bright white backgrounds with bold black text that is visually exhausting.  Currently changing thunderbird themes ( using v102.5.1 (64-bit) ) brings inconsistent results.  Dropdown menus, calendar, etc. are areas of failure.  Visually, I live with TB because I like what it does, not because I like how it looks.