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Status: New idea

Seems like doing one of the most common actions in an email client should be possible in one click of a button. The button should also be close to the list of messages (e.g. above or below the list) and not at the top of the screen alongside new search bar.

This was fine before 115.

Status changed to: New idea
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By the way, as workaround, it seems that you can press the letter "m" to "Mark/Unmark the message as read".

(Note that, if you are coming from GNOME Evolution, that is CTRL+K there, like "OK", quite mnemonic. If you want to change this shortcut in Thunderbird, note that this is also not possible at the moment.)

More info on keyboard bindings of Thunderbird:



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What about the in list "read status" indicator which changes the read state when clicked.  Been there like forever. Green dot in the mail list on my system for unread and black for read.

Strollin' around

I am not sure if this helps: if you click on the status in the inbox (column status), the read status of the message is toggled (read / unread).

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Thank you so much! I'm quite sure this helps indeed the original author.

I'm still curios about a keyboard action thought. But probably that is just not available.



I checked with Thunderbird 91 and 102, and the menu is identical to the Thunderbird 115 menu.
In Thunderbird 91 and 102, clicking on the button alone marks the message as read, or as unread.

Re-implement spin button for Mark button in unified toolbar

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There was definitely a button to click before this release. Lehmi's comment helps, but it's just not as convenient as a larger button that doesn't move around. There's also an option on the email itself, but it's behind the "More" button, so it requires an extra click and mouse movement. If the option could move out from "More" that would help a lot.

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Yes, I agree with @DonB that having the button come out of more and for example sit next to the Junk/Delete would be a good solution.

For me at least, my mouse is in that area anyway as I move it to the message text to scroll the message up/down.

This also works when the message is "maximised" as a new tab since the message list won't be visible.

Btw, thanks to @MattAuSupport for the message list toggle, never knew that!


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We need an option to open messages with a single click when the "Select Messages" column is included.  Clicking the box in that column would select that message to allow other actions, and single-clicking anywhere else on the message line would open it.  Gmail and Zoho do this.