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Hello, I’ve turned off Firefox suggestions and search suggestions in my desktop and laptop browsers and cleared all history and cached data from my account, yet Firefox suggestions still shows up on the iPhone app with data that’s supposed to have been deleted. Where is the data coming from and how do I turn off Firefox suggestions in the iPhone app? I’m using an iPhone 14 Pro.

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I also do not want this annoying "feature!"  Fix it or I will have no choice but to uninstall Firefox on all of my many devices.

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Why hasn't this been fixed!?!?!?!?!?

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To be clear once more: this is not some fancy feature request, it's a serious privacy error.

Probably this issue does not belong in 'Ideas', but has to be issued at Bugzilla to get some serious attention.

@JonPlease advise?

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@Jon We would like an update please. And I request that you read all of the comments posted since your last reply. This is a much bigger problem than your reply suggests. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Thanks for following up and tagging me on this.

I reached out to the Firefox for iOS team and am happy to share that this is planned for the upcoming Q1. 

We'll provide more updates when available - stay tuned.

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I, too, would like Firefox to stop suggesting my bookmarks when entering a search.  It happens in regular browsing and privacy browsing.  There is simply no way to do this now.  Regardless of what the "experts" say, this function is not available under the the three horizonal lines (hamburger) settings icon > search > (toggle off "Show Search Suggestions"). 

I also removed then re-installed the application, which did not help. 

If you don't believe any of this, try it yourself. 

This is not an operator error.  This is a major privacy overlook by the Firefox development team.

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hi, i don’t know if this is accurate but i’m seeing two Q1 release dates: 2/20 and 3/19. are these accurate and if so, which date will the fix be included with? until then, what i’ve done to try to avoid this problem is to set my home/new tab to google, which doesn’t suggest my bookmarks. just have to remember to use the webpage to search and not the built-in browser url/toolbar search field (or whatever that’s called) for now.

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Still no way to turn this "feature" off. I type one letter into Firefox on mobile and it instantly fills my screen with manipulative garbage. This is the exact kind of thing that made me leave other browsers for Firefox, but now I guess I need to only use DuckDuckGo. It's depressing to see people raising such legit concerns vs the empty corporate speak PR responses. But you're so welcome for all the following up dude, thanks for explaining how we're just confused, as if you didn't know that people cared about private browsing actually working or their data not being stored after it's supposedly been deleted, as if the feature couldn't be easily removed if you cared about this incredibly obvious feedback.

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I don’t know why my previous comment wasn’t posted, maybe too real?

File a complaint in iTunes and Google Play App Stores because they can’t claim privacy as a feature with this bug. It should get higher priority in engineering then.

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Is there any news on when this bug will be fixed?