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Hello, I’ve turned off Firefox suggestions and search suggestions in my desktop and laptop browsers and cleared all history and cached data from my account, yet Firefox suggestions still shows up on the iPhone app with data that’s supposed to have been deleted. Where is the data coming from and how do I turn off Firefox suggestions in the iPhone app? I’m using an iPhone 14 Pro.

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Absolutely ridiculous that a “privacy focused” browser not only secretly stores all of your data, but it even suggests websites you used in private browsing. This asinine unannounced “feature” literally defeats the entire purpose of the browser. It still pulls from your history even if you delete all your data and delete the app. 

Its honestly baffling how this got put through, and it has completely broken my trust in Mozilla as a company. Looks like its time to switch browsers as there seems to be no fix in site. This issue has existed for like a year at this point

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I fully agree, just downloaded Brave Browser. Bye, bye Firefox.

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Is the problem still occurred u can uninstall then reinstall it in or maybe delete Some apps you aren't using

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@L_Jay_34umg What

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@L_Jay_34umg  I'm afraid this isn't a solution at all.

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It is still impossible to clear Firefox suggestions on iOS. Please advise if a stipulation to this flaw IS in the works. 

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Rqst an update from team on this issue. Is this a deliverable on the road map? If so, what’s the schedule for delivery? 

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Wow. We are now getting into November and this is still not fixed. I thought Firefox was supposed to be “privacy minded” right? I am nearly at my wits end. I am going to start looking into other browsers to use. 

Mozilla, you guys are hurting right now. Leaving broken privacy features in your products does not help your cause. I’m afraid my days of using your product is numbered. 

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FF still is by far the best browser for desktop. If this idiotic behaviour doesn't get corrected it is not anymore for mobile use.

On my iPhone I switched to the DuckDuckGo browser app, which does respect your privacy by all means.

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Hi, following up on this, as this is what is going to cause me to switch to Brave. Why has this not been addressed yet?