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Firefox Fennec had a great tabbed interface on tablets. When Fenix came, we regressed to a stretched out phone UI. After years of stagnation, Android tablets are rising again, thanks to foldables and new initiatives from Google. Firefox is missing out by not including a tabbed interface for Android tablet users, particularly because FF has best in class syncing abilities. Android power users are enthusiastic recommenders of their favorite browsers, so it would be huge advantage over Chromium based competitors!   

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So many of the complaints regarding Fenix seem to be from the perspective of Tablet users who do not appreciate using the Phone UI. Reviving a more Tablet Specific UI could be helpful for both new users and older users. It would help to clean up some goodwill and to future-proof for future events.

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Tablet mode for Android

With the rising popularity of foldables, Samsungs new Tab S8 series, and the upcoming release of Android 12L focusing on Android tablets, Firefox still lacks a proper "Tablet" mode. Instead, we have a blown up version of the mobile interface which is not very usable on larger screens. Every other major browser has a tablet interface, including Firefox before Fenix and on the iPad. Please add a proper tablet mode because using Firefox on an Android tablet is not very good.

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I agree. Firefox on Android is very rigid when it comes to the tabs! I love using Firefox and have been for more than 15 years but it's disappointing that other browsers are doing the tab thing way better. I want to be able to rearrange and group my open tabs on Firefox Android.

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Yes PLEASE. I got a Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and I LOVE Firefox mobile. I used my tablet with a keyboard and use it for work and I really wish there was a tabbed interface with proper scaling for web pages.

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That is really necessary for those who want to use the browser in every platforms.

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Tablet ux is a must.

Strollin' around

I totally agree. Current versions of Firefox are hardly usable on tablets. Except tabbed interface there are some other features that are missing:

  1. Option to enable "desktop mode" for all webpages. Now when I use FF i have to manually switch to desktop mode literally any time i visit some webpage. Many mobile pages look horrible on screens bigger than 6 inches.
  2. Many pages do not switch to desktop mode at all (the most common example is Facebook). Firefox is not faking it's user agent in desktop mode.
  3. Start page should appear only after adding a new empty tab. Now it shows right up after clicking on adress bar. This is very weird and confusing especially when you just want to copy URL.
Strollin' around

Really agreeing with this!

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I agree, hopefully it will be implemented soon, I would love to use Firefox, but the fact that it is not available on a tablet is an impediment to sync that makes it more of an inconvenience.

Strollin' around

A great feature on tablet mode would be a better desktop mode (desktop site option in menu) with features like:

  • quick access to toggling between desktop/mobile site without having to open menu.
  • Setting a global default per site (some sites only work on desktop and if you open it on mobile mode it redirects you to the app store, so you don't get a chance to change to desktop site once loaded)
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This is a popular request on GitHub:

Making moves

Split screen support would also be amazing!

Making moves

With Android 12L and 13 adapting the OS to tablets, there couldn't be a better time to adapt the browser than now.

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