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New member
Status: In development

Currently Thunderbird supports system tray on Windows - just close the software and an icon will be presented on Windows system tray.

Unfortunately this feature is missing on Linux. In past there were several plugins to do that, like several versions of Minimize-to-tray, however the plugin technology for Thunderbird (and Firefox) has changed over time, and these plugins are no longer supported.

Currently if I want to use this feature on Linux I need install an additional software like systray-x or KDocker, which it is weird.

So, please turn this feature native for Linux too!

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Making moves


I really wish they would add this, as the suggested BirdTray application doesn't work on Wayland, and it would be better to be able to use something that is implemented into Thunderbird itself

New member

I completely agree; not being able to minimze thunderbird to the system tray is a huge hit to its useability.

New member

I really want this feature. Now, I have to manually start thunderbird every time, and then go to refresh the inbox. I really hope that he can automatically prompt me.

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It would be a greate improvement.

Strollin' around

This is really a required feature. I accidentally close Thunderbird window several times through the day (Since I do the same for my messengers). But it just completely closes and I need to relaunch it every time.

I wish this is implemented soon.

New member

"This is really a required feature."
I NEED this!

New member

I literally stopped using Thunderbird because of this, having it is an absolute must.

New member

Please add this feature, it's essential!

Making moves

We are in year 2024 and how is possible that Thunderbird does not support System Tray icon in Linux? Come on...