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It would be nice if I would not have to set up all my search engines and their short codes with every new installation but could sync them just like my add-ons and history.

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I'm getting more and more tempted by Edge because of small quality of life things like this that are missing in FF...

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Fully agree. Plus the negative is that everytime you make a new profile from scratch the older profiles stay separate in your profile folder. Many gigs of data stored unused. Result is that after a couple of new profiles your start up time is getting really slow, talking about minutes. Living in year 2023!!! Our ict management advised us not to use Firefox anymore because of this reason.

So there is work to do i guess.


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been using FF since 2003. Been doing a lot of syncing with plugins and other hacks in the past. but thinking that this is 20 years! later and still not a thing in FF makes me cry. and thinking that something like this was deprioritized by user stories like "add tab pickup to firefox" and other "cosmetic changes" makes me wonder even more. picking up tabs was perfectly possible through the "synced tabs".

fix the basics first. then fiddle around with fine tuning the UX pleeeeease.

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It's blowing my mind that this still isn't a thing. This and the RAM usage being roughly double that of Chrome are probably going to keep me on Chrome until they finally fully commit to killing off adblockers.

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This!! Last thing keeping me on chromium..

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We've been waiting for 15 YEARS for this feature (no kidding, see . Now that Ubuntu ships Firefox on snaps, we are hit by this at EVERY update. PLEASE!

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Whilst I agree this a ridiculously old bug, at least the workaround is easy enough. I've copied my summary of the steps from my comment on the 15 year-old bug on the issue tracker. 


Assuming copying from one PC to another

  1. Close FF on both PCs
  2. Navigate to your profile folder on the old PC: %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\
  3. Find file search.json.mozlz4
  4. Copy file to USB/Cloud Service
  5. Download to new PC and copy to your profile folder (replace the existing file)
  6. Open FF on your new PC and enjoy your search engines and keywords

Note: when I reopened FF after doing this my default search engine had been changed, so you may need to manually reset the default.

p.s. I previously replied with this to a posted idea, but that idea was merged with this one and my comment wiped out.

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I want this feature so bad.

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Any idea where the file is on the Microsoft Store version of Firefox?

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Where is that file on Microsoft Store version of Firefox? I can't seem to find it..