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Status: New idea

Just have one bookmarks folder both for mobile and desktop browser, having an additional "desktop bookmarks" folder on your phone just makes the whole process of adding bookmarks that much longer, if you want them added to an overall bookmarks folder, which is the whole point of syncing devices is it not? (If anything, have a "mobile bookmarks" folder, for if you want to only add the bookmark to your mobile, and let the user choose under settings (on firefox on their mobile) where the bookmarks by default go to.

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New member

I second this. It takes me 4 taps to access my desktop bookmarks on FF mobile, 2 taps with Edge and only 1 tap with Vivaldi. Edge remembers what folder I was last using, and Firefox completely forgets every time. It's a bit ridiculous how many steps it takes to do something as basic as opening a desktop bookmark.

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I'd definitely prefer this. As it stands right now I just edit every bookmark after I make it to change the folder to desktop.

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It would make my life better!