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Status: New idea

It would be beneficial to have the capability for profiles to synchronize across multiple computers.

Specifically, I am interested in establishing distinct work, personal, and study/school profiles, each of which I would like to seamlessly synchronize across different instances of Firefox on various computers. This synchronization should include bookmarks, open tabs, browsing history, add-ons, and other relevant data.

Additionally, the inclusion of an option to opt out of synchronization would be highly appreciated, especially in situations where I prefer not to have my personal profile synchronized with my work computer.

All of these features should be accessible through a single Firefox account/login.

And it should be easy to switch between profiles.

And containerize them so they don't know about each other.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Community Manager

There's a similar idea here for making it easier to switch profiles:

shortcut for different profiles