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Making moves
Status: New idea

This is something Chrome can do that I found pretty useful and convenient. If your toolbar is on top, swipe scroll down to reveal it and then swipe down on the toolbar to reveal open tabs. Likewise if your toolbar is on the bottom swipe up to reveal and up again on the toolbar to reveal the tabs.

Considering the dismissal gesture for the tab window is already a swipe towards the toolbar edge, this seems like a natural extension of that movement.

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Strollin' around

I'd really like to see this feature implemented. Currently on my old browser (Brave), it takes one swipe from the top of the screen to access the tabs view. On firefox mobile for android, to get to the equivalent screen you must

1. Swipe down to reveal toolbar

2. Tap on the tabs button.

This might not seem like a big difference but there's a big issue that I have with it. Tapping a specific button is a Targeted move rather than a Flow move. On my old mobile browser, reaching the Tabs window is a Flow move: no matter where on the screen I am, as long as the first thing I touch is the search bar, the move works. This means that I don't need to be nearly as precise because from any position my hands might be in, the action still works. On Firefox, meanwhile, there is a higher level of effort required because by nature, Targeted moves require higher accuracy. Not inherently a bad thing, especially for actions that are less common and shouldn't be too easy (eg opening a new tab or opening the search bar), but visiting the tabs window should be more accessible and take less time. I switch tabs quite often and this is something that would be really helpful.

New member

Would definitely love this. Chrome already has this and it's super useful as it's a quick gesture to view your tabs rather than having to click the tabs button at the top.

New member

This is the only thing I miss from the other Chromium-based browsers, and is one of reasons that make me want to switch tbh.

I switch tabs often, and the swipe up is a lot more natural to me than previously pressing a button on the toolbar.

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I would be really happy to have this feature

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add this pls

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Please add this, just tried Firefox Android from a recommendation of a friend and love it so far, except not being able to access my tabs this quickly is making me switch back until it is implemented. In chrome you just swipe down from the url bar and it brings up open tabs.

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Same, I am coming from the Kiwi browser on Android. I've found workarounds for everything else I wanted (using the Simple Gesture extension to replace the new tab and close tab button) but I really miss this one.