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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Swiping between open tabs would be wonderful. Implementation could be exactly how it's done in Safari.

If you're in private mode then swiping would only be between private tabs. Swiping normal tabs would only navigate between normal tabs.

This is not the same as, which asks for swiping between all open and all private tabs.

New member

When is this necessary feature coming?

I don't use firefox because of lack of gestures to handle tabs.

New member

any update on this feature? This is the only reason why my default browser is still safari.

New member

Can't wait for this since this is one of the only few things that have made my switch to iOS difficult.

New member

How does an idea move into the implementation pipeline? I see ideas with fewer votes being implemented.

How do we get this into FF developers' attention?

New member

This is a really handy feature and i only miss this feature in firefox. 

New member

My suggestion was that if firefox can implement the tab gestures like Safari's can from swiping tabs just by swiping left or right instead of having to hit the tab button on firefox.

The tab button being there is fine, just the implementation to swipe through tabs would make navigating a lot quicker.

Community Manager
Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

New member

Completely agree, this feature alone makes me want to go back to Safari.

New member

How is this still not a thing on both platforms? 

New member

The lack of gesture controls makes Firefox substantially slower to navigate with than Safari on iOS, and is the sole reason I don't use it on my phone. I'd really love to switch as I use FF on all my computers, Mac or otherwise, and having access to synced tabs and history would be really nice.

New member

Is there any update on this? So far this is the only thing stopping me from using Firefox on iOS.

New member

+1 this would be a great addition to the iOS app! @mozillaj @Jon