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Status: New idea

Swiping between open tabs would be wonderful. Implementation could be exactly how it's done in Safari.

If you're in private mode then swiping would only be between private tabs. Swiping normal tabs would only navigate between normal tabs.

This is not the same as, which asks for swiping between all open and all private tabs.

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Gesture Ideas

In the Firefox for iOS, we currently do not have the option to hold our finger on the navigation bar and swipe left or right to switch tabs. It would be great if this feature were added. Additionally, it would be helpful to have the option to swipe two fingers towards the center of the screen to view all open tabs.

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Swiping between tabs on is also a dealbreaker for me. Please implement it and I am sure you will gain more users on iOS. Thank you!

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This is the same thing I need. I desperately want Firefox to be my daily browser on iOS like it is on everything else I have… and I try to use it daily… but this feature is one I use more often than anything else. I’m using brave browser and safari and they both have this.

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This is the most useful gesture in a mobile browser

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Yes, this feature would be really helpful!

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This is literally the ONLY reason I am not using Firefox anymore on iOS. It is just so clunky and non immersive the way they implemented NEW TAB and SWITCH TABS functions. Please bring this, the way safari does it. I really wanna use Firefox altogether but I simply can't when I have Firefox on PC and Safari on the iPhone. At this state it's easier to just use Safari for both, and I really prefer Firefox on Mac!! Please listen to us. I even made a review and the reply was whatever. 

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This would be wonderful! I miss it so much. Using the tab button is so slow…

Strollin' around

This would be brilliant!

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This is the only thing that I see missing from Firefox iOS anymore.

Google chrome on iOS also have it, partially. they allow switch tab but if you swipe while you are on last tab, they won't create a new tab. It's like Apple UX engineers sat down and really make a nice user experience regarding location of url bar and the way we switch tabs and create new tab, all with gestures.

They invented the wheel, please use it.

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Bump. Please add this. 

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iOS 17 has made Safari even better.  Previously, you could swipe left/right on the address bar to switch between tabs and up on the address bar to show all tabs.

Now when you swipe up on the address bar, not only will it show all tabs, but it will also show all Tab Groups in tabs along the bottom.  You can then swipe left/right between Tab Groups.  Private browsing is also presented as a Tab Group that you can swipe into.

The implementation is so fluid to use, I really hope this gets implemented into Firefox.

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Swipe to change tabs

Android version allows you to swipe on bottom bar to switch tabs. iOS should do that too. 

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please add this. Chrome for ios and Safari both support this feature, and firefox for android support this feature too. i need it so much!!!

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(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

Strollin' around

So are we getting this feature?