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Status: In development

Firefox supports WebAuthn, but as far as I could tell only with hardware tokens. I could not find a word about Firefoxs support of Passkeys (like Apple announced recently) anywhere

Personally I don't know why passkeys werent adopted much sooner, it seems such a long hanging fruit to just store the key in the FF password manager.

I use FF to support a web where there is not only one option, like Chrome, but FF keeps falling behind and behind instead of being at the forefront. This should be a top priority.

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I'm very excited to see this implemented. Is there a target release for Passkey support on Firefox for Android? I switched by to Chrome on Android and MacOS for the passkey support, but I'm looking forward to switching back to Firefox when possible. 

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So for now there will be CTAP2, iCloud Keychain, and a Conditional UI but not Google's Passkey? Is it proprietary or not the focus right now?

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@HonzaThanks for the update! This is really great news for me, to have potentially with Firefox 120 "minimum passkey functionality"! 😃 - On the other hand this leads to the question: what (main) passkey functionalities will still be missing with FF 120 and what is the timeline for these? 🤔😅

@Ryan_SingerFF for Android and passkey functionality is a question I have too... I understood @Honza s last answer in this way: FF120 for Android shall get "MVP" for passkeys as well, only the Conditional UI will be only available on the desktop versions. I hope this is what he meant?!

@ChriexpeI understood, that CTAP2, iCloud Keychain and Conditional UI are (core?) part of passkey functionality of the coming FF120. Again, I hope I didn't misunderstand it.


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I updated the Nightly version of Firefox for Android to v120 today, but Passkeys is not available.
Is this because Passkeys is not yet supported in the Nightly version at this time, or is Passkeys not yet supported in Firefox for Android, and if so, when will it be supported?
Many sites have already started to support Passkeys, and it is very inconvenient that Firefox does not support Passkeys, even though it is easy and secure to log in with Passkeys on the Chrome browser.
It is a shame that Firefox and Mozilla are holding up Apple, Google, and Microsoft's efforts to create a password-free future.

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@tesmite I just checked out nightly on desktop and I also don't see any change regarding passkeys there 😞

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I just installed the Windows Update KB5030310 and Passkeys now work perfectly fine in Firefox. The Windows Hello menu allows me to use Passkeys stored on my smartphone. Even Edge and Chrome now use the Windows Hello menu instead of their own Passkey implementation.

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So there is a passkey option in firefox right now. But when you create a passkey with firefox, it doesn't work very well. For example, with, the passkey cannot be used to login, but it does work for 2fa.

But, once you create a passkey using chrome, then you are able to use that passkey in firefox without any issues.

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So, firefox for mobile has a passkey option now, but when you use it to create a passkey, it doesn't work very well. You cannot use it to login, but after entering the password, it does work for 2fa on

But, after creating a passkey using chrome, firefox can use the passkey to login.

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@andho Oh! Yes, it is possible to use a passkey partially in Firefox for Android!
I was able to log in to Google and GitHub with a passkey in Firefox by creating a passkey previously in Chrome!
However, some sites, such as My Nintendo, do not allow passkey login in Firefox, so it is necessary to fix the process for those sites.

Making moves

I tried to enable passkey support for my google account and and got a message saying:

Your device doesn’t support creating passkeys, but you can create a passkey on another device

This is under Firefox version 118.0.2.

I tried under Safari 17.0 and it gives me the option to create a passkey for my google account.

Doing a little research, Mozilla enabled support for FIDO2 security keys for both registering and authenticating to sites that support passkeys in Firefox 114.

I'm not sure if Firefox supports all types of passkeys or a certain type or if google has to add specific support for a browser.

Any help would be appreciated.