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Status: New idea

Thunderbird # already has a great support for VTODO VCALENDAR and contacts. What is missing though is support for VJOURNAL entries. Journals are close to calendar entries. A great vesoverview gives jtx Additionally they introduce "notes" which are simply journals without a date.

The open source calDAV and cardDAV is a great way to share information between groups and family. Journals and notes would complete this sharing nicely.

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Great idea, I've found this post by searching for an Add-In with caldav notes (VJOURNAL) support. I use jtx Board already for the ToDo's as well as the Notes on my mobile.

I like to have mail, calender, tasks and notes information in one place, best in my mailbox and to manage them with one tool, preferred with Thunderbird

Thunderbird would also get an almost unique feature within the mail clients. Go for it! 🙂

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Absolute agreement. For many, Thunderbird is becoming the last serious offline client for private data and information on the PC. The support of good standards such as VJOURNAL underlines this claim.

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Using JTX on my Android, I have been searching for an Addon in Thunderbird to sync VJOURNAL Notes. Reading this thread I gave up searching but at the same time hope for official support.

If I had an idea how to develop an Addon, I'd surely start...

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Was looking for a linux app that supports Vjournals (using jtx on Androïd as well), with no luck, when I saw this. So yes, please !

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Yes please.


FWIW Linux users can use Evolution to sync vjournal, but I'd much rather have this in Thunderbird.

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+1 !

Thunderbird is a great hub for standard content (email, calendar, tasks, instant messaging, even RSS if you want). Adding support for the interesting vjournal would confirm that.

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I've also been looking for this feature, it will be my one step to move away from cluttered second brain tools. Everything in one place, calendars, contacts, journal, notes, todos.

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TB supporting VJOURNAL would be totally awesome! It's could fill the missing gap on the desktop for a complete open ecosystem with the CalDAV protocol. DAVx5 on Android already supports syncing VJOURNAL, and there is jtx Board as well to store all the notes and journals. Desktop support is really a missing part!!

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It would be VERRY useful to have it in Thunderbird. As of now I don't know how to view/edit my journal/notes saved other than using JTX app on android.

We need something cross-platform. Thunderbird would be perfect for that.

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This is a great idea and I want to encourage the development of this, it is a feature that is necessary for Thunderbird, in my opinion, to match Outlook and Google features and to get a step away.


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I too want this!

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VJOURNAL support would really help bridge a gap in this space. On Windows I could find 0 apps that support VJOURNAL through CalDav. So +1

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Recently switched from Outlook to Thunderbird (+ CalDAV/CardDAV server at home). All pros, but a con: no VJOURNAL support. Please!!

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Yes, i miss it too. At least the plain text mode would be sufficient to keep all stuff (events, tasks and notes) in one place.