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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

MS Exchange is a very common solution for e-mails in companies these days.

To access your contacts, calendar, notes IMAP is not enough for a full PIM solution.

Even IMAP is often disabled in favour of more native ms protocols like OWA/EAS/EWS&Graph.

There is a variety of ThirdParty Addons out there to improve the situation, Exquilla, Owl, TBSync, et cetera.

I would like TB to implement Exchange compatibility directly in the core so that maintenance becomes easier and we can convince more users and companies to ditch Outlook.

This would be a unique selling point and improve the usefulness and userbase of TB by quite a margin.



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Making moves

I agree...a long time Tbird user and I dispise Outlook. The filters are terrible. I'd really a native solution as well.

Thanks leon

New member

I too would love to see this. Exchange is very common in corporate environments and even if they support IMAP, that only solves one quarter of the issue (you've still got your calendars, contacts and tasks to think about).

Owl and TBSync with its Exchange addon are good solutions at the moment, but they're also quite clearly under-resourced, they'd benefit immensely from having their functions integrated into Thunderbird proper.

The notion of just being able to fire up a new TB install, enter your login creds and start rocking and rolling with email, contacts, calendar and tasks on Exchange would be such a fantastic experience.

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I've been using Thunderbird with my Xfinity provided Microsoft Exchange account as a POP account with no issues until a few months ago. Whenever Windows Updates, it seems to stop working for a few days getting an INVALID PASSWORD error... Not sure why this is happening.

New member

I can't agree anymore!

To be honest, TB is very open and very good to use, also a lot of different mail access (POP, IMAP, etc.) and calendars are supported. I appreciate TB dev team a lot. The worst part is Outlook Exchange Server (OWS) is not open.

I don't like Outlook, and I have been using TB for tens of years! However, company uses Outlook Exchange and officially supported way is Outlook client and webmail. For non-outlook client, only IMAP and SMTP are supported.

Using TB can't utilize the calendar in Outlook and it was almost no good way to sync them. TBSync works for calendar but it's very limited.

If possible, I would like to see TB support Exchange as a native outlook client!