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Status: New idea

Support MS Exchange Server Protocols (eas/owa/graph/ews) out of the box in Thunderbird

MS Exchange is a very common solution for e-mails in companies these days.

To access your contacts, calendar, notes IMAP is not enough for a full PIM solution.

Even IMAP is often disabled in favour of more native ms protocols like OWA/EAS/EWS&Graph.

There is a variety of ThirdParty Addons out there to improve the situation, Exquilla, Owl, TBSync, et cetera.

I would like TB to implement Exchange compatibility directly in the core so that maintenance becomes easier and we can convince more users and companies to ditch Outlook.

This would be a unique selling point and improve the usefulness and userbase of TB by quite a margin.



New member

Just switching from email service (they are outsourcing this service) to MS 356 email via GoDaddy.  The support guy helping me set up the account mentioned that MS would be deprecating IMAP and he believed that as things stand TB would not be supported "at some point." 

So, yes, I hope TB adds support for Exchange protocols. 

(It would be even nicer if MS supported public standards . . .) 

Strollin' around

This feature is key for Thunderbird success in corporate environments expecially on Linux, where an official MS Exchange client is nowhere to be seen. Currently the only working client on the penguin is the aging Outlook clone "Evolution". Thunderbird only supports exchange through a paid extension (OWL). Please let us use Thunderbird with native Exchange (EWS) support!

New member

Our email is hosted by GoDaddy on personal domains.  I like having my email address as

Godaddy has shifted to no longer supporting POP or IMAP, forcing us to OWS.  As a long-term user of Thunderbird, I am stranded.  Owl is working on my wife's email, but not mine.  Xquilla has also failed me.

My favorite features of TB are the better message filter tools, and the ability to receive email in one account and reply out of a different account. 

I very much look forward to the day when TB supports Exchange as a native product, not requiring an add-on (or, as others have said, Microsoft supports public standards, which ain't gonna happen). 

In the meantime, I'm using Mailspring, which gets me into my mail, but offers few of the benefits of TB.