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I think it's a great opportunity for Firefox to stand out by supporting JPEG XL before any other browser.

Imagine images served by Cloudflare and Cloudinary load faster and look better only with Firefox. Firefox was a pioneer of web technologies and it should win the title back, if Firefox just keep following Chrome without any differentiation, why would people choose Firefox?

If the decoder memory safety is a concern, maybe Mozilla can start a crowd funding campaign to sponsor a Rust decoder, even the campaign itself will attract reports and attentions for Firefox.

Mozilla argued AVIF was already supported as a same generation but clearly JPEG XL has many advantages:

  • Much better encoding performance (AVIF is not suitable for realtime CDN optimization at all)
  • lossless and better high fidelity (video codec based image format)
  • HDR (there will be a billion of mobile devices with real good & bright screen in just a few years)
  • Little generation loss (important for web)

Supports from Facebook, Adobe (they're adding export support), Intel and VESA, Krita, The Guardian, libvips, Cloudinary, Shopify


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It has several advantages:

Being able to recompress JPEGs losslessly with a space saving

Large bit and image size limits which means no tile boundary effects, or much generational loss when re-encoding

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Seems to be pretty much a no-brainer. Mozilla should be taking every reasonable opportunity to differentiate Fx from Chrome and the chrome-a-clone brethren.

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The implementation bug for this is here


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Great suggestion. It's a low-hanging fruit to surpass Chrome and make Firefox the preferred browser for some WebDevs as well.

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Hello, since yesterday Darktable can export to JXL and my first tests are fantastic:

  • quality
  • size
  • speed
  • format options

Please add JXL support!


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Please support jpegXL! Google should not be the ones to dictate what codecs are accepted or not, especially if they are rejecting something that is obviously superior.

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I literally made an account to vote for this. Google should not be allowed to change the standard in their favor of WEBP and AVIF for more personal control. This format is the best i know and I would instantly use this in personal web development if this gets stabilized. If not i still might do it. image.jxl.enabled stays on

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This needs more attention in my opinion. Stupid to allow Google to bully the internet into using "their" format instead of the actual better option

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Any potential updates about this getting enabled by default? 👀 

Like even enabled by default in beta builds first and then the final builds after. 


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Yes, Please! 🙏🏼 JPEG-XL has benefits from many other formats (and advantages over WebP/AVIF) including animation & lossless option, Filesizes can be scaled up and down according to use-case,

and it has an all-in-one approach that's backwards compatible with legacy formats, surely Firefox would seize this opportunity to show why other companies should seriously move towards more open-standards.

Also why they should consider moving away from their locked-down proprietary ones that they get an advantage in pushing due to their market position? I believe that this format would be in-line with Mozilla's stance on browsers in general and offers the users choice.