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Making moves
Status: New idea

I have ~1000 tabs open on my workstation regularly (on 36 workspaces, which is a random maximum for Mate Desktop Manager)

currently I have to share those among many different instances of firefox and chrome, because none of these can handle this relatively average amount of tabs


and no, I wont be bookmarking them or closing them, its a part of using workspaces/desktops. at 36 workspaces this amounts to just 27 tabs per, which I think even non-powerusers with 1 workspace will reach

I'll happily buy 1TB of RAM for firefox, but currently firefox (107) will become unusable at just 600 tabs and theres plenty of RAM, VRAM, cpu and gpu for it to eat 🙂

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>  36 workspaces

That's a lot of space(es). I would even argue that this is a lot more than even the average power user has.

Making moves

so, a year later. new server, more gpus, BUT still appalling performance with just 600 tabs in 200 windows

32t 3.3Ghz AMD EPYC (firefox has never used all cpu, even when I give it realtime prio 😄 )
384GB RAM (firefox has never filled this)
24GB VRAM on a RTX3090 (firefox will fill this up nicely when restoring hundreds of tabs, but this will go to ~10GB free when most of the non-focused background tabs suspend)

yes, i still need to use suspend tabs! 😞

all firefox profiles run in RAM

tmp is in RAM



whats up? is it true that firefox limits itself to 8 processes?