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Strollin' around
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We use Microsoft Exchange for our email, and we probably always will. We host Exchange on our own server and have webmail. This was the reason I was tied to Evolution for so long; Evolution was the only Linux client which supported Exchange Web Services directly in the client. Thankfully, Davmail takes care of the conversion for any email client, and I was able to switch to Thunderbird. Unfortunately, no such software exists for phone operating systems like Android.

I don't think any free software app on Android supports Exchange Web Services, so I use webmail in the browser (I really don't like Outlook). This is a feature which would set Thunderbird on mobile (K-9 Mail) apart from other email clients.

I'd love to use K-9 Mail!

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Strollin' around

In the intervening time period, I was able to setup IMAP with Exchange on K-9 Mail, and this works fine. You don't *need* to use EWS or whatever proprietary protocol Exchange uses, though corporates might disable every protocol except MAPI/EWS.

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I am using an extension to do that. If it had not existed, I would not have been able to use Thunderbird.