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Add official support to casting to an Android or Apple TV, right now you have to use sketchy extension, it's not a good user experience.

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Please add this. It's been years that I've had to switch browsers every time I want to cast something, which is almost every other day for me 😞

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Would be great to be able to cast to my chromecast dongle on my tv from firefox! Thanks

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Can we at least know if this is planned, discarded or something? it has been a lot of time since first proposal so at least having an: it won't happen sorry would be great.


Hey, @ilab and all! Sorry for the delayed response - the short answer is that we're still working on some things on our back-end and evaluating how Chromecast support could work in Firefox. No firm commitment on a green light at the moment, but I'll follow up in this thread for updates as developments come forward.

This is my long-winded way of saying that we're putting this "Under Active Review" these days. Thank you for your patience! 

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Any évolution in this @kkim  ? It has been ages, I just finished setting my Linux pc and I said to myself what the hell let's take out Google from once, and installed Firefox in my pc and phone. And now I can not use my phone with my projector which is android TV. I see that it has been years since this feature was asked. Even a post in redit 4 days ago... please up the importance of this feature

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Gotta say I was pretty surprised Firefox didn't have this. I wanted to cast an audio-only podcast from Audiobookshelf instance to a Sonos speaker specifically. I'd love to see this feature added!

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Add support for casting to Google Chromecast

It would be great to cast videos form Firefox to Google Chromecast

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(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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Also waiting for this for years. The simplicity of casting from the Android browser instead of having to deal with the YouTube (or TV for that matter) apps bs. With certain ad blocker and background playback extensions, this would be a great addition.

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Casting is the only thing keeping me on chromium browsers. I use it constantly

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YESSS omg that's the one thing i miss about chrome but knowing google it might be locked up in some proprietary bull so i understand why it's not around