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New member
Status: Delivered

I would like Firefox for Android to support the Android Themed Icons introduced in Android 12.
Having a consistent theming between the apps I use on my home screen determines which apps I use the most and which I prevent using.

New member

Yes please! My home screen will look much better!

New member

Bump for adding Android theme support to the icon. It's very pretty but doesn't match.

Status changed to: In development
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Here with some good news...

This is currently being worked on so we are upgrading the status to "In development"—feel free to track the work here and stay tuned for more updates 😀

-The Community Team

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New member

Finally decided to switch full-time to Firefox. Mobile and Desktop. Loving it. Except for this one thing. Come on fellas!

New member

I'd like to also add my voice to this Themed Icon request. BTW Firefox is making a great default browser so far in Android 13.

Thanks; Snarl

Familiar face

Well done @jmarti326 for bringing this up. Good news that this request is now being developed. I would add that Firefox Beta, Firefox Nightly and when Thunderbird for Android is announced, they should also have a Material You icons. Google is putting a lot of work into their interface to make Android the most personal mobile OS and apps that don't adopt this may seen to be less progressive, ultimately harming the brand.

New member

How long do we have to wait to get the icon Firefox? It's such a big company they should be able to do it.

New member

Looking forward to the Android theme icon. This would really help. Thank you Firefox

New member

I would love a themed icon as this is the best Android app and it needs to not stand out so badly on my home screen. Any updates on any channels currently using it? I don't mind going up a channel to get it live now.