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Status: New idea

Dear Firefox,

I hope it is possible to make a suggestion for improvement for future Firefox versions here.

There is currently the option of encrypting your passwords with a main password (master password).

I would think it would be good if there was a second alternative in the future. Instead of entering a master password at the beginning, you should have a Firefox app (for IOS and Android) where the password request is confirmed for each website.

For example, if I go to, I store my password for encrypted in a container on the device. Here the container should be encrypted and every password should be encrypted. When you visit the website in the future (if you are not yet logged in via cookies), Firefox will ask the app for the site's password. The app confirms to Firefox that the request is OK with a key and is used to decrypt the password. Firefox then opens the container and decrypts the password. Firefox then decrypts the website by automatically entering the data.

So if I visited ten pages and had to log in, I would confirm access to Firefox ten times with my app.

You could perhaps also make it more mobile so that the passwords are stored directly in the app in a container instead of in a container on the PC. But it's better to keep the solution with your own computer and this could be synchronized.

Hope the suggestion is ok and would be functional.

Greetings ck

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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.