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since the newest versions of Thunderbird "threaded" conversations seems to be the default view setting for all folders.

We have 1000's of folders and would very much appreciate the possibility to change this view setting for all folders...not having to change it per folder individually.

So - either back to the setting off by default please - or a function to enable/disable the view setting "sort by thread" for all folders at once.

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Making moves

Yes, PLEASE give me back the option to view unthreaded messages throughout. I cannot figure out how to do this even for a single folder. It is a particular problem in my SENT folder, where I cannot view the headers or the full message that was sent, because a bunch of messages are attenuated so they can be mushed together.

Making moves

Yes, PLEASE restore the option to view unthreaded messages throughout Thunderbird. In fact I can't even see how to view it that way within a single folder. This is a particular problem in my Sent folder, where I cannot see headers or the full messaage, meaning I don't have a record of what message I sent or to whom.

Thunderbird Team
Thunderbird Team

View > Sort by > (near the bottom) threaded/unthreaded

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I had disabled Thunderbird Threaded View previously. I suggest making that option both global and permanent so user's time is not wasted searching for how to turn off Threaded View after it gets re-enabled by a Thunderbird update.  It would be helpful if  superficial non security related functionality like this were either applied as a separate optional update or applied disabled if new. 

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Yes. Please add a global setting for threading ASAP. It's ridiculous to turn this off folder by folder, only to have threading restored in the next upgrade. Perhaps someone could write an add-on to patch this bug.



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I think I've figured out how to do this.  I posted on Keep Thunderbird folders set to 'Sort by' 'Unthreaded'  Look for the post from 'beagantx'

Recap: In your Thunderbird folder (in my case: ~/.thunderbird/zhihbfsb.default-release-1) is a file: xulstore.json

Close Thurnderbird, of course.  Then use gedit and find: "threadCol":{"ordinal":"3"} which I changed to "threadCol":{"ordinal":"0"}

You have to change each folder after restarting Thunderbird to "View\Sort by\Unthreaded", but it's sticky.  Close & reopen Thunderbird and that folder stays as 'Unthreaded'.  I've not figured out how to do it globally, like for the person, above, with thousands of folders - sorry.

Worked for me.  Hope it helps you.

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Is there really no way to change global view settings on all folders??? I have to change them all individually? The tech people who make these decisions make no sense to me.....

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I agree with this: it is a complete nightmare having to go back and change this in all folders every time that Thunderbird updates.  Please give us a global option to disable threading across all folders.

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YES, option to disable threading. Or, at the very least, have the option in the individual "Account" settings for each email address. I would love to be able to just right-click on the email account name, choose unthreaded, and have it apply to all the folders and subfolders.

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No product should make updates which change a customer's settings. It only frustrates the customers and wastes their time having to figure out how to fix what the update has broken.

Strollin' around

Any updates on this matter? It is annoying when a folder without any reason changes to threaded view.

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this worked for me: go to config editor and search. mailnews.default_view_flags. change to 0


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Annoying, heavy-handed, over-reaching, and frustrating. Exactly NOT what I'm looking for in a desktop email client

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What Vangelis said: "No product should make updates which change a customer's settings. It only frustrates the customers and wastes their time having to figure out how to fix what the update has broken."

And "frustrates" is putting it mildly.