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Making moves
Status: In review

A less complex product will have less bugs.

The core of Firefox should only be the needed functionality to browse the web.

Additions that are built in like Pocket add additional code.

I my idea is that Firefox should split Pocket out from the Firefox executable and have it as an pre-installed extension which can be disabled by users or even removed if they do not want to have have it in their installation.


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I agree, but I doubt this will happen since Pocket is a revenue stream and thus Mozilla is probably trying to push its uptake. 

Making moves


I'm hoping against hope that Mozilla chooses to focus on the stability and core functionallity of Firefox.

Bloating the product is "BAD" and they could perhaps get even greater revenue stream if they architect the extension framework in such a way that authentic extensions from Mozilla (which they can create for 3rd parties in some kind of sponsorship deal) could be offered to more than just Pocket.

Then it would be up to users to disable the extensions if they don't want to use them, or even remove them from the installation entirely.

But it is probably as you say and no one will want to do anything regarding this - unless the community really - really get behind this and push the issue.

Think if we could have a smaller, faster and less resource heavy browser??

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Didn't they already do this?  Did they change it back?

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>Think if we could have a smaller, faster and less resource heavy browser??

That's what Firefox was originally meant to be. 😞

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To be honest, I don't know why it is not a possibility from the addons menu. Because it is possible to disable or remove pocket entirely from Firefox... just not from Firefox itself. CCleaner can do that in 3 clicks. Therefore we can see that pocket is already working as a pre-installed extension, but it is hidden.

I understand how some other functionalities that are also hidden extensions like Form Autofil and ETP Search Volume Study are not good to be messed with by a "typical user". Still, removing Pocket does not mess with any core functionality of Firefox. I have it removed for at least 3 updates and never had any problems with it.

Making moves

@LightCodeI'm not going to run CCleaner (I consider it shady since it was bought up by another company).

But are you sure that it does remove vs. disable Pocket.

I personally disable it in the about:config but this means that the code is still in the core Firefox.

If you have more information about the hidden extensions for Firefox please share - I would love to be able to remove Pocket at least - but will not run CCleaner to do it. Some manual way perhaps? (Google hasn't found anything when I searched).

Making moves

Agreed. Pocket shouldn't be a browser feature that you can disable, it should be an extension that can be added. On a clean install it could be an easy thing to ASK if people want to use it, even if the default answer is yes and it does a small download and install. Ideally I don't want to be forced into the about:config to turn disable something I have absolutely no interest in.

Making moves

Pocket should be a built-in Firefox feature that can be disabled. Pocket (like Firefox Sync) should remain a built-in Firefox feature. Those who don't want to use Pocket can disable and ignore.

Right Ideas:

  • Pocket ("Save to Pocket" button in right click etc.) should be easily disabled. (Without the need to about:config)
  • Pocket should remain a built-in Firefox feature. (like Firefox Sync)
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Firefox making us swallow Pocket like Microsoft does with Edge.

Making moves


The point of it not being built in to the core Firefox is to slim down Firefox and to allow user to disable Pocket and then the code will not even be in the running process (if Add-in that can be deleted).

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pocket, sync + telemetry.

All 3 should be addons ... and people should be able to choose if they want to use them.


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Pocket ads now cant be disabled in the latest firefox nightly as of Sat 26th.Mar.2022 even with about:config. HEY FIREFOX WE DID NOT COME TO YOUR BROWSER TO EAT ADS😐

Status changed to: Trending idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all, 

Here with an exciting update…

Your idea has quickly received a great deal of votes (kudos) and support here in the Mozilla Connect community, so we are upgrading the status to “Trending idea.” This means it’s now one step closer to reaching our internal teams for review—learn more about The Idea Journey

Please keep the conversation going and stay tuned for updates 😃

-The Community Team

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Pocket is useless. Just remove it from Firefox.

Making moves

I understand that some might think that a certain service is useless for them, but that does not mean that it is useless for everyone.

In daily discussions we often generalize and call things bad, useless or other things based on our own view of the thing in question.

This suggestion to remove Pocket from the core of Firefox is not about it being useless, even though I don't use it myself and try to make it unable to run on my setup, but the point is that it should not be baked into the core of Firefox.

Let it become an extension. It can even be installed by default as long as it is possible for users that want to be able to remove it - as opposed to disable it. By removing it the code will not be running in the background.

I hope that this paradigm can be adopted for more things in the future where even perhaps other core features could be had as extension so that users are able to chose if they want them running or use a replacement by another developer that better caters to their specific group of users.