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Making moves
Status: In review

A less complex product will have less bugs.

The core of Firefox should only be the needed functionality to browse the web.

Additions that are built in like Pocket add additional code.

I my idea is that Firefox should split Pocket out from the Firefox executable and have it as an pre-installed extension which can be disabled by users or even removed if they do not want to have have it in their installation.


Making moves


My suggestion is not to allow "everybody" to create official default plugins.

It should only be Mozilla who can do this to have a possibility to have collaborations and get funding - as they get today with Pocket (I think).


Making moves

 i am so tired of pockets  where it does have an article you want to glance at and it  begs for you to subscribe, or the article  is misleading and inaccurate in its information or drags out forever and ever  straying form the  original article

Making moves

@GustavI totally agree on that statement.

Tl;dr: I Love Mozilla & its features.

Im not sure if im just a Hardcore Mozilla-fan and have higher expectations, but I really do think Pocket help people unite and share & save what they enjoy the most which also helps people read more, and that could also help out in Schools. Or becoming better gamer on your favorite game because you saved the "best" guide you found.

I honestly belive Pocket is probably the best unique feature compared to other Browsers..

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Pocket brings a small share of money on Mozilla.It should come preinstalled, and installed as an addon, that can be removed. The idea of Firefox asks you when you first install it is excellent but it will reduce the money of the deal.

Making moves

Hi @Gustav if you truly want a stripped down version of Firefox, well it does exist. Just download LibreWolf

LibreWolf is a fork of Firefox without any telemetry, unnecessary extensions, etc.

Making moves


I actually use Sync, so I'm not against FireFox or it's native features.

But as I hope I've explained in the initial post and subsequent comments I'm more for a slimmed down FireFox with no 3rd party programs built in.

A slimmer code base that will logically be easier to maintain and a executable that therefore should have less bugs.

Thanks for the tip about #LibreWolf, perhaps some other person reading the thread will want to try it out.

I personally will stick with FireFox and engage with the developers to give feedback for a better future ...

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I'm currently using Zorin OS. Linux based OSes could be accepted by hardware left behind by Windows 11 and Apple Silicon Mac. I think it makes sense to slim down Firefox in preparation for that.

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I'm running a 13-year-old DELL and when I use FF, I notice a slow-down on scrolling, over other software products that are running normal. Never Use Pocket, Bring back some better Memory handling and choice of DL or Not. I limit open Tabs, that method is only partial useful. Used since Netscape 1.

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Pocket is one of the few ways to earn some money for Mozilla so I doubt they'll remove it.

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As a Pocket lover, I would never use Firefox. If you like Pocket, Firefox is objectively the worst browser to use Pocket with.

Pocket integration in Firefox is very weak and has gotten zero serious development effort. For years, it has been missing major features that the Pocket Extension has on Chromium-based browsers.

What I can do on the Pocket Extension on Chrome that I cannot do on Firefox's "Pocket integration":

  1. Set a keyboard shortcut to save a URL. Incredibly useful as a power user.
  2. Keep the icon red if the URL has already been saved. Firefox can only do this upon first-click.

If you love Pocket as a power user, your only choice is to abandon Firefox.


The worst part is that there is no Firefox add-on for Pocket anymore, thus we Firefox users are basically stuck with "Pocket in 2017".

If Mozilla cannot maintain the Firefox Pocket integration to have at least parity with Chromium Pocket extension, then please return maintenance & control back to the Pocket team.

I do not see any benefit for Pocket power users to use the Firefox integration. If Mozilla would like the revenue of Pocket as the "default save button", then please at least return the Pocket Add-on and if we install that, disable the half-baked "Pocket in 2017" integration for us.

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Sorry to say, but it may seem useless to you. But i can bet you, it is a great feature. if you dont like, remove it. Who cares..

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I hate being thrown something like pocket! Its like YouTube and the way it loads all sorts of rubbish that I have absolutely no interest in. I don't want it, didn't ask for it, will never use it and am sick and tired of corporate cretins thinking they know best! They don't they are just another bloody layer of idiocy that the internet doesn't need! I'll have to go find yet another browser now as my patience is getting mighty thin because of these monstrous people!

Making moves



The point I'm making with this request is that currently Pocket it nor removable from Firefox for those that don't want to use it.

It is baked into the code and we as end-users cannot chose to have it removed.

And now as described by ikjadoon there seems to be some features lacking in the Firefox implementation compared to the plugin for other browsers.

So I think there is another point in favor of removing Pocket from Firefox and establishing it as a plug-in that is included in the base installation.

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They are not gonna do it. By the time they start heavy, it's forever that way. Until users find a new browser similar to the previous Firefox Quantum, I'm staying here but unsatisfied. I understand, of course, whatever it is that made them do it this way, but they turned perfection into ruins.

So, whatever words you receive from Mozilla, improve or fix, they're just gonna add something, not actually remove it. They may fix errors, but not the "heavy issue" or "the pocket issue".




Making moves

interessting idea.