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Making moves
Status: New idea

Currently there are multiple places where settings can be made on folders of email accounts. The scattered nature of this design, prevents the user from getting a fast and clear overview, and makes it very hard to to find + adjust settings.

... There is a setting menue for search, to check what folders should be included in global search
... There is a setting menue for wether a folder should be synched
... kept local
... and so on...


Single Design:
The following suggested layout (table) would improve this quite easily. Settings that currently handle aspects of a account folder, and each having there own separat interfaces, should instead refere to single such table. Not only presenting the user allways with the same interface, but also providing by doing so context on what alse could be set on a folder.

Setting dialogs concentrating on a single aspect on a listed folder setting, should be able to refere the user to the table and
(1) set focus to a specific folder (row)
(2) highlight the respective attribute (column)

  Synchronize Locally Available Global Search Web Search
▼ {account:name}
└─ 📬 Inbox
└─ 📂 Archiv
▶ {account:name}

☑ = checked
☐ = unchecked
▣ = Summery of subordinate folders; some checked, some unchecked
NOTE: Changing the setting for a parent folder, also adjusts the setting accordingly for all subordinate folders.

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