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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

GitHub is closed source so obviously Mozilla shouldn't host its stuff there.

I suggest that they transition to a FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) alternative which would align with Mozilla's core values.


#Switch Infrastructure

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Strollin' around

@NJK0- what FLOSS host do you think they should switch too? Something like FOSSHub or do you have any other alternatives you can share? Thanks

Making moves

They did? I thought they used private servers... I wonder why they don't just fork gitlab

New member / is a lovely replacement free of the stink of Microsoft's long unbroken history of crimes against software & against antitrust. GitLab also offers a really easy "copy all/selected repos for (org|team|user) to GitLab mirror" feature, and then you can choose which platform you want to be the primary authority for all mirrored repos!

Also, GitLab is well known to waive the bill & provide pro-bono service for major public projects

Microsoft has shown every indication that it wil never stop trying to destroy evey effort by independent developers to cooperate on projects to improve the interoperability & quality of the web.  Read the evidence against M$ since the days of FUD & spending $¼ billion to sabotage Netscape Navigator & JavaScript to promote its broken IE4, and lots more nasty Microsoft history here at .  Don't ever make the mistake of letting your guard down for even 1 nanosecond, by thinking that Microsoft is becoming less evil, or that they have become trustworthy because of some press release & pretty website they dare to gaslight us with, they cannot be reformed, they must always be evil, they're a global megacorporation monopolist on par with the other titans of Late-Capitalism like Amazon which earns more $ from secret CIA contracts each tlyear than all the books it ever sold, & like Nestle which actively chooses to pay an exorbitant fine for hiring child slave labor by the thousands to gather its coffer & bananas, because it is is sligitly less costly than switching suppliers would be.

The expert Yanis Varoufakis makes an excellent argument that we are witnessing the final days of Capitalism, which has now commodified every object that was possible, from the bodies of the slaves during its earliest days, to the milliseconds of our attention that are sold to the highest bidder, Capitalists have consistently failed to grow any respect for human dignity, since the transatlantic human traffickers of the late 17th century crowded hundreds of bodies of captured africans  into the hold of their ships to maximize profit, yet that meant ⅚ of them didn't survive the trip to the Southern states.

Microsoft is one of the Techno Feudalists he warns about.