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I do not remember which version introduced the current interface for bookmarking tabs, but as a user who organises their bookmarks in folders, I find it slow and overly complicated and would be interested to hear if other users find the same?

The particular issue I have with bookmarking is the "Location" option, which by default only shows the bookmark folder which was last selected, and then the drop down menu only shows the options "Bookmarks Menu, Bookmarks Toolbar, Other bookmarks" and recently used folders.

This means that to chose a folder which is not recently used, you have to select "Chose" before your full folder list is displayed.

Historically, you could expand the locations list with one click and see the full folder list.

I can understand that the current arrangement must have been considered an improvement for some reason, but it would be nice if this behaviour of using recent folders instead of just presenting a folder list could optionally be disabled in the Firefox configuration.

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and also remove the useless screenshot, which just wastes precious vertical space on older pc with smaller video resolutions.




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I've found the bookmarks interface infuriating for years. There used to be an add-on that improved it, but it stopped working. I have a large folder structure for bookmarks, and navigating out of the last selected folder to a new one is painful. With only 6 lines in the Location drop down, and a normal scroll wheel setting, it blasts past what you want, so you end up having to scroll manually grabbing the scroll control. With Firefox 111.0 on Win 11 64-bit, this sometimes locks up and can't be grabbed. I had to resort to dumping a bookmark, and opening Manage Bookmarks to get it where I wanted it! Why can't the Locations scrolling window be dragged deeper? It almost seems like it is deliberate to discourage bookmark folders. I agree the screenshot is just a waste of vertical space.