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Status: New idea

In my opinion, if you were able to put social networks in the sidebar as a work, you could get a lot of audiences, because in any case firefox is already very comfortable and with this implementation it would become truly perfect

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I keep trying to come back to Firefox from Opera and GX, but the sidebar and the workspaces keep me there.

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I'd say the sidebar needs to be more customisable as in Vivaldi where you can add your own websites and their mobile versions. I had my calendar, Google Translate, notion and AI services in my sidebar and I really miss that functionality as the current Side View add-on only allows having one website at a time that you need to manually add each time you open Firefox.

New member

I'd also like to have something similar to Web Panels in Vivaldi, that allow you to open (mobile versions of) websites - not only social media! - through a shortcut in a left/right panel.

Different buttons could be added to this sidebar to open Wikipedia, Facebook, a dictionary website, a weather forecasting website ... On this sidebar users would be able to add other buttons, providing an additional surface for extension buttons..

Websites in the sidebar should have Javascript and Tracking Protection support. So basically, we need a "mini browser" within a browser.

@Jonmaybe this idea can be renamed to "Sidebar with website panels"?
(not to be confused with "Side View" which already exists, but doesn't allow shortcuts).