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Status: In development

i have switched from chrome since past 1 month and firefox is just better. the only thing i did not find easy is the option for having multiple profiles to be used at ease, could be better if there was one to easily access seperate profiles for work and home

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Personally, I really dislike chrome's behavior where links open in the last used profile. I often have both profiles open at the same time, and I find the behavior really unpredictable because when I click a link I never know what profile it's going to open in.

On my work laptop, I want all external links to open in my Work profile (because the only external links I click on are work related).

On my personal laptop, I want all external links to open in my Personal profile (except for certain work-related domains).

I think the Edge browser has the best approach here. You can configure it to use the last used profile like Chrome does. Or, you can configure the settings so that all external links open in a certain profile (and can also configure certain domains to automatically open in certain profiles).

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This will only become more important to add as people (like myself) ditch Chrome for Firefox before they restrict ad blockers. Would love to see this feature.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@em843 good news, we're working on this feature now. We'll share updates in this thread - stay tuned 😃

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Desperately want this to seperate work & personal browsing. All `about:profile` needs a easy to access UI & a keyboard shortcut (The shortcut for Chrome is a nightmare `Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + M`)

Community Manager
Community Manager

Not sure if you all have seen this yet...the Firefox team added a post 'Here's what we're working on in Firefox' here on Connect about some of the exciting features currently in development & on the way — and profile management was mentioned!

Jumping in here to say thanks again for voting and sharing valuable insights for this feature. It really did play a big role in pushing the work forward 🙌

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@Jon Thank you much for looking into our requests. This is exactly what we need. As a web developer, Firefox is much preferred over Chromium based browsers. I can't wait to switch.