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i have switched from chrome since past 1 month and firefox is just better. the only thing i did not find easy is the option for having multiple profiles to be used at ease, could be better if there was one to easily access seperate profiles for work and home

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@Andrew74  I admit it's annoying to switch profile. Firefox should have a more convenient and easy to use profile manager to switch profile.

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Would love a shortcut / quick access profile opener / manager AND the ability to reorder them either by last used / most used / and or custom. 

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Yeah same, I prefer firefox for 99% of the features, but the main thing that keeps sending me back to Brave is the lack of easily-manageble profiles in firefox =/

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Bring multiple login, guest mode features like in chrome.


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Desperately want this to seperate work & personal browsing. All `about:profile` needs  a easy to access UI & a keyboard shortcut (My preference would be `Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + M`)

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I would like to pile on to say this is holding me back too.
I've come back to Firefox after a long break and may i applaud 👏🏽 the Mozilla team: I was able to import only one of my profiles - I have 14 profiles in Chrome and counting ...

Also I like the Chrome feature of closing all windows belonging to a single profile, renaming windows and (maybe specific to Mac), the ability to move to a specific screen from the top File menu

... I work with different clients and don't want them to mix!

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Just want to echo that this is an important feature and it would be great to have it. I looked into the source code of the 3rd party extension that was mentioned and it requires to install a daemon that communicates with Firefox. The extension looks great, but I am uncomfortable installing it on my production machine especially as there is the comment: "Please forgive the messy code as I wrote this as practice to help me learn Rust".

Currently it is just too cumbersome to switch profiles, which is really pushing me away.

The extension I am referring to is firefox-profile-switcher by null-dev, btw.

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Absolutely this should be built into Firefox - similar to Edge, Chrome etc.

Personally, I have Personal and Work profiles. It would be nice to quickly open these. Better still, with Edge I have pin them to the task bar so I can quickly click icon and up comes that profile with all previous tabs.

It's actually kind of hard to believe that this isn't already a feature.

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Profile management(about:profiles) more easy to user

Add profile management(about:profiles) to application menu to simplify usage and the name of the profile in use to the windows.

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