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i have switched from chrome since past 1 month and firefox is just better. the only thing i did not find easy is the option for having multiple profiles to be used at ease, could be better if there was one to easily access seperate profiles for work and home

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Huge fan of Firefox and Mozilla. I've been using Firefox since version 13. Besides being open source, I have always like all FF functionality, especially related to Firefox bookmarks. FF bookmarks are so much better than Chrome. Chrome bookmarks suck. However, I'm strongly considering switching away from Firefox, because there's a feature in Chrome that I use all the time: profile switching. In Chrome, I can easily switch between the five profiles I have. (I have additional Chrome profiles for my elderly parents so I can manage and monitor their email and bank accounts. They were scammed online out of several thousand dollars.) In Firefox, I simply cannot switch between profiles easily. The profiles concept in Firefox must be rebuilt from the ground up. Please hurry! I really do not want to switch to Chrome as my primary browser. Honestly, I don't want to use Chrome at all, but have no choice because of lame Firefox profiles. Thank you for your consideration.

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Something like this post would pair well with this idea:

Firefox Profile Chooser Concept by @000 in Ideas 

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With the amount of users that may be returning to the Firefox fold after the recent Google announcements re: Adblockers it might be a good time to implement this.

I created Shortcuts on macOS to launch my 3 different profiles but it is much more annoying than clicking on my face in the upper right and switching (or similar).

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I will comment my thoughts on this:

I think the profile switching needs to be a bit more user friendly. In this, I would like to be able to select the "Firefox account" icon on the toolbar and select to change or open a new profile from there (not have to "start+r" and "Firefox -p" - and not to have to click a desktop shortcut to do this).
I would also like the profiles to be separate instances of Firefox, similarly to how they are on chrome so that I can pin each one to the taskbar and easily tell them apart and open them up. (currently they are all just "Firefox" so it is harder to tell them apart)

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On my side, I have created a new shortcut on the taskbarlaunching Firefox with the option -P  to use another profile than the default one.

But every window is agregated in the same icon after. It could be great to have an icon per profile. It could be better to distinguish them.

For my usage, no need to other feature. This only one is enough.

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As a student in high school, I have 2 profiles used on google chrome. One for school, which has administrator blocked features, and my personal account. The reason I bring this us is that the current profile changing on Firefox is, very annoying. Google has the feature of choosing what profile you want to launch, allowing for easier access and separation of accounts. If there is an easy feature to switch between profiles, than it is not well said how to do it. Chrome shows you the first time you launch it.

Another feature that I noticed, was the tab separation. When you pull a tab out of one window, it doesn't make it another window immediately. It pulls it out like moving an image, when you let go it creates an entire new window, that you can't drag back in the window below it.

Just stating the idea that greater emphasis on the new user experience as well as greater quality of separation of profile, easier access to changing profiles, and on moving tabs in and out of windows.


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This addon works, although setting it up isn't very straightforward

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I've also changed from Chrome to Firefox, and it runs smoother on my computer. I'm using the "Profile Switcher for Firefox" add-on, but it's not as good as Chrome's built-in profile switcher. Here's a list of things about profiles that I think can be improved:

  • currently, opening firefox in another profile is very slow
  • if I try to open an already open profile, it should bring the window with that profile to the front of the others; currently, it doesn't do anything nor presents any message
  • when I backup my bookmarks, the bookmarks of ALL profiles are included and not only the ones from the current profile, as I was expecting
  • syncing profiles across multiple devices does not include themes' settings


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Multiple Profiles

I suggest adding the multiple profiles feature. The browser can be used by several people and each needs its own profile so as not to climb into someone else's. Chrome, Edge and Opera have had this feature for a long time.

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I think the entire concept of Profiles and how they're managed in Firefox could be rethought.

I personally would like to see the concept of shared data - mainly important plugins and themes, and their data/configurations as selected by the user. I'd like to share things like uBlock configuration, password manager, etc.

The profile UX could be upgraded as well, with a cleaner interface that follows the modern design language of Firefox.

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I'm glad to see there are a lot of people waiting for this feature!

I wish to see this, natively in Firefox, very soon.

It makes me (and a lot of others) not to use different browsers for different things. Since everything can be separated with a profile switcher implemented.

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And if possible, please make Firefox open url in window/application of last focused profile

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я пользуюсь Mozilla примерно с 2007г.  Вы всё делаете супер, для людей, это очень радует! - спасибо вам!

Я пользуюсь Mozilla на РАБОТЕ, ДОМА, в СМАРТФОНЕ. Дома у меня есть хобби и отдых. И везде, на каждом устройстве, мне нужны определённый набор настроек, мои незакрытые вкладки, история посещений. было бы здорово, если бы была возможность как-то выбирать между моими профилями на компьютере, в зависимости от того, чем я в данный момент я занят - работой, хобби, отдыхом, или это сёрф на смартфоне, переключаться между настройками интерфейса мозилла, чтобы скрывать ненужное в данный момент, а отображать только то, что требуется.

спасибо вам за вашу работу! всего доброго!

I use Mozilla at WORK, HOME, SMARTPHONE. At home I have hobbies and recreation. And everywhere, on every device, I need a certain set of settings, my unclosed tabs, my browsing history. it would be great if there was an opportunity to somehow choose between my profiles on the computer, depending on what I am currently doing - work, hobby, leisure, or is it surfing on a smartphone, switch between the settings of the mozilla interface to hide what is not currently needed, and display only what is required.

Thank you for your work! all the best!