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Status: New idea

I like to search stuff with different search engines which I choose by typing their shortcuts. And sometimes I want to add several shortcuts for some engines. But right now I can specify only one shortcut (or two if it was added via "add" button (that is available after changing field in about:config) or via extension).

Thus, it would be great if there is an ability to add an unlimited number of shortcuts to each search engine.

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Community Manager

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Add ability to set multiple keywords for one search engine

Currently it is possible to set only one custom shortcut for a search engine in settings.

For example, default Wikipedia search provides "@wikipedia" shortcut, and you can set one more — for example "wiki". But there's no option to add more shortcuts, like "w", because if you change custom shortcut to "wiki, w", it will be stored as a single shortcut, not 2 separate shortcuts for the same search engine.

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Community Manager

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Yes, please. I've been wanting this feature for literal years. And it's crazy that the default duckduckgo search works exactly like this (@duckduckgo, @ddg), so the feature is mostly there. We just can't add them manually.