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Starting around Firefox 107/108, I started noticing that Firefox was suggesting usernames to me when attempting to enter website credentials.  In the "Privacy & Security" section of settings, I have all "Logins and Passwords" saving and autofill turned off.  I have all "Forms and Autofill" turned off.  So to have Firefox start offering suggestions for login usernames was surprising.

Checking "Saved Logins..." - I have no saved login credentials in Firefox.  Again, very odd that Firefox is suggesting login usernames to me.

I ended up turning off Syncing of my data across devices.  I refreshed the Firefox browser on several devices.  I eventually deleted my profile on several devices.  Deleting profiles temporarily resolved the issue... until I started logging into some of my regular websites again.

I eventually found that Firefox is storing usernames as "form History"  - this itself does not seem correct, but that may be something to do with how individual websites are coded.

Either way, now that I knew how it was saving these logins, I went to find out how to turn it off.  I found this:

The setting I need to turn off is "Remember search and form history".  I don't like this.  I want to keep my search history - I reference it nearly every day.  I do not want Firefox saving, suggesting, or auto-filling forms or my login credentials.  I consider this something completely separate from my search history.

I think the "Remember search" history should be separate from the "Remember form" history.


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