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Status: New idea

Security issue

Need to selectively close and/or remove a few recenty closed tabs.
I dont want some of those stay around - especially those dealing with bank-accounts.

Doesnt matter where to add it, but here are some places ...
History/Clear Recent History

History/Recent Closed Tabs

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Maybe, for example, you expand the Recently Closed Tabs list, right-click a tab, and flush it from session history so it can't be restored (and is no longer remembered in the session history file)? I think that's a good idea.

One thought until then: by default, Firefox only remembers three closed windows. If there's a tab you want Firefox to forget more quickly, you could drag it off the tab bar (detach it) to its own window. When you close that tab/window, it should age out of session history after you close three more windows. Much easier than closing 25 more tabs in your main window.