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Status: New idea

I find it difficult to search in the history because of its update which makes the history lines shift.
Maybe the history should freeze when its window is open

Status changed to: New idea
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New member

Summary: History Snapshot view or at least unselect to avoid scrolling history view to top with selection.

I just came here to suggest this as well... maybe not automatic - a button to manually freeze the list (in that window only) - a snapshot.  When using History I'm trying to look through to find something and I keep getting dragged to the top.  If it's anything that requires scrolling down it's pretty much impossible to use.  So at the very least, unselect the item before moving it to the top.

New member

The ability to snapshot the history ( via a freeze button etc) would be great.


Minimal solution - un-select the item before moving it to the top of the history ( and dragging the view with it ).

It's almost impossible to use the history view to look back in history if you need to scroll the history view!