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Status: New idea

Please introduce Scrolling Screenshot for Firefox Android. A much needed functionality is missing.

(This is one of the most important long forgotten feature, currently only UC Browser has this feature as much as I know)

Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

New member

I found myself looking for this feature on firefox android nightly last week, as I either have to enable desktop view or zoom out. Having scrolling screenshot on firefox android would be indeed very useful.

New member

This appears to still be an issue.

New member

Chrome has this too, I just Reinstalled it to use this feature. Please bring long screenshot to the mobile app!

New member

Annoying that I can't take a long screenshot of a webpage.

New member

Yes, please do this! I need this feature in Firefox all the time.

Strollin' around

Not helpful for everyday use, but maybe a helpful hint for the developers:

The scrolling screenshot feature gets offered if you take a screenshot of the Firefox settings for example. You can use it in the Add-ons list. It’s just not available in the web-view (where it is mostly needed, of course). So most likely this is due to not using a default Android view here or using an older version of it, which is not yet compatible with Android 12?

New member

It would be nice to have this feature in our mobile browser. Thanks for your excellent work!

New member

Hello Jon why do you wven need to pit it to vote? Isnt it obvious a feature like this is essential regardless whether how many people use it on a daily basis?

New member

This is very much important for accessibility as well -- I just tried to screenshot the details of a medical appointment confirmation (which didn't fit on the screen all at once), and that prompted the Google search that led me here.

This feature really, really helps more than you know, for tech-savvy and more average users alike. Please implement this 🙏

New member


Strollin' around

@JonI posted this idea via my old account, which I deleted. And here I'm commenting on my own idea with a new account. And yeah still no sign of any progression. The status of this Idea stil is "New Idea". It's a shame that developers need votes to decide whether to implement a feature or not. This is both ridiculous and annoying at the same time.

New member

Don't understand why this hasn't already been implemented



New member

It's been 1 year since this post and way more since an old ticket on github now move to bugzilla:

Weird that this is still an issue.

New member

Yup, very weird.

Gotta say, this shouldn't be treated as an outlandish feature request, rather an important bugfix.

The Android builtin Scrolling Screenshot works perfectly fine, it just doesn't recognize Firefox Mobile as scrollable content. Any more! It worked perfectly fine on my old Android 10 device and it still works with any other app on this here Android 14.

So yes, kinda unfunny that this essential fix gets pushed off for almost 3 Years now and has been set to severity of "n/a". Very annoying in day to day use. 😕