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In safari, there is the ability to add a text name or label to a saved credit card. This is useful if you have many cards and can't remember or don't want to memorize which number corresponds to which card.  This would be great to add to firefox

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I agree - I have business and personal cards stored, I always have to double check the numbers which defeats the object of having them stored.  he ability to add 'friendly names' would be really helpful.

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I have the same need, a name I can add to each credit card so that I do not need to remember the credit card by number.



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@jdpes  submitted this idea 2 days before I came to submit the same request - that was over 1 1/2 years ago and we're only at 15 kudos?? @Jon would you be able to push this any higher on visibility for more kudos/votes?
I know there is a ton of other suggestions on Connect, some more important, but this is becoming a larger issue with more and more banks offering virtual credit card options. It's a matter of efficiency when you have to look up your credit card numbers every time you're making a purchase somewhere. Is it really that hard to code in a CC description field? I read Chrome has it. Safari too.                              
Well, I just thought I'd stop in and throw in my 2¢ since I received a notification that there was finally some activity on this thread. 
If nothing else, I hope everybody has a great day!


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Firefox - ability to name Credit and Debit Cards

Firefox: it's awesome that it allows for saving cards data now.

However, more than 2-3 cards and one may get lost which is which.

This in turn leads to looking all the cards up in all the different banking apps to confirm whether it's the correct one or not.

Ability to name Credit and Debit cardswould be helpful.


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(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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This feature needs to added ASAP

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This feature would be very appreciated indeed 🙂

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+1, I have multiple cards and for sure I don't remember which bank card has which last digits

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Currently I ended up using my password manager for this instead of using the built in feature in Firefox 😞

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This feature is still not available after years.

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Ability to name (assign display label) saved payment methods instead of / in addition to card number

I know I'm not the only person with at least two different cards. I know I'm not the only person with several different cards.

The feature request for users to be able to add a display title to credit / debit cards to show a custom name instead of the last 4 digits of the card has been highly sought for YEARS and last notice was something about iPhones several months ago.

Can we get this Feature for Firefox on PC? (windows and mac)
Can we get this feature for Firefox on mobile? (android and ios)

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For what is't worth I just use BitWarden and have credit cards saved there