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TB keeps crashing on my win 10 machine (I can't really pinpoint the cause so I just live with it). However, what I can't live with is TB closing all my open e-mails. I keep open e-mails to remind me what people I need to get back to. When TB crashes it closes all of the e-mails and I need to look for the drafts in the drafts folders (I have many) if I had 10-15 e-mails open that can be a tedious job.

Firefox and Chrome both have the option to reopen tabs after a crash - can you please add this and open e-mails - this will save so much time.


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Thunderbird does not make a backup copy of the tabs,  so if they are corrupted or deleted by whatever is causing the crash then it is unable to open them. Firefox does do this and it is probably a good idea.   I would think however that identifying what is causing the crash would be a more productive endeavour right now.

Perhaps file a support request for the crash you are experiencing if you have not already done so.

When making your request it is generally a good idea to post the crash ID's as discussed here


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Hi Matt,

Sorry for the super delayed answer - I somehow completely missed the answer (it was 3 days after I posted so I guess I assumed there is no answer...).

I know it is not supported - just to make things clear.

I am not talking about the open tabs (although saving them would be nice as well), I am talking about open e-mails. Yes, I know that they should be saved automatically in the draft after some time - but I work in such a way that every e-mail that needs to get an answer is basically open until I answer it. This can take days and I sometimes have 10-1 or more open e-mails. If TB crashes or the computer does which does happen from time to time then all is closed and I need to start going over my drafts (and I have several accounts) and try and find the open e-mails I had - big pain and I am never sure I got them all.

Allowing TB to re-open all the e-mails that were already open before a crash will be a life saver for me and anybody else working in the same way (pretty sure I am far from alone in working in this way).


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super important idea

that would be a life saver for me too

it's really important to be able to reopen Thunderbird with the last tabs opened at the closure, either this closure is a crash or not