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The biggest and nicest advantage of Google is their lable system. It's so nice and easy to use. At the same time it gives you such a nice overview of your mails and you find everything so much faster.

It would be really cool if Thunderbird would implement something which is exactly like Google Mails lable system. Like nearly a 100% copy. Even if it then just works with Thunderbird clients over IMAP and it's not compatible with other IMAP clients or something it would be really nice. I think this is really googles advantage in there mail system and the biggest benefit vs Thunderbird at the moment.



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Support GMail style label behaviour for non GMail accounts

Support a GMail style label bahaviour. When assigning a label to an email in Google Mail, it copies the mail to its own subfolder, which is named like the label. Nevertheless the original mail stays in the inbox, until it gets archived by the user. The labeled mail can still be found in the label folder then.

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This. 1 Googol times over!!